🎓  My background
With a high-school degree in design and media technology and a college degree in media and education management, I have always been interested in media and design. Over the last few years, I have gained expertise in marketing and UX/UI.
My former experience as a SEO and content marketing consultant has taught me to work user-centered, analytical and data-driven and how to make content not only relevant for search engines or business goals, but also for users and their needs. 
I am used to looking for optimization opportunities, collaborating with various stakeholders during projects or consulting clients in automotive, e-commerce, FMCG, finance or telecommunications.

🔍  Why UX?
I like to understand how people think and act. That’s why it is important and interesting for me to work close to users and their needs when they interact with technology. 
It motivates me utilizing my keen sense of empathy and eye for aesthetics to translate user insights into a simple, intuitive and delightful user experience based on actual user input, rather than assumptions.

👩🏽‍💻  How I work
I enjoy bringing structure to my work and value working thoroughly and conscientiously.
If needed, I also like to go the "extra mile" to achieve a high-quality result, but can also work efficiently and agilely.
Being part of an open-minded team with clear and respectful communication is something I value.
Working as a UXer, I am most passionate about translating needs into concepts. I enjoy building information architectures or prototypes and aim for pixel-perfection.
It is important to me to continuously learn and develop my skills. For this I use Uxcel, for example, to deepen topics such as Design Accessibility, UX Writing, and HTML/CSS for Designers. I regularly measure my progress through exercises and assessments.
I also like to put myself in the role of a user and participate in design surveys (e.g. on UserCrowd).

🛠️  Tools I use
Adobe XD, Figma, Marvel, Lucidchart, Miro, Milanote, UsabilityHub, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Optimal Workshop, InVision, Procreate
📱 My favorite apps from a UX perspective
► Duolingo (I LOVE this app for their usability & gamification approach) *
► Google Maps (It covers so much I need on the go and is very intuitive to use)
► Spotify (It's so easy to use it across devices and tailor the app to your own needs)
► PayPal (So simple yet so helpful and it provides an intuitive and clean interface)
► Headspace (A great example of excellent imagery and it's fun to browse through the app)

... and the list goes on!

* I have been using Duolingo since 2016 and am meanwhile a proud Streak Society member 🔗 
"  Done is better than perfect."  

An important reminder for my work
Happy to get in touch!  
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